Hank the Cowdog is Headed to the Big Screen Soon

The world's most beloved "Head of Ranch Security" will be a full length animated film.

HTC Entertainment has acquired the rights to produce "Hank the Cowdog The Motion Picture" from M-Cross Entertainment and is expecting a release date of Easter 2015. John Erickson, author of Hank the Cowdog and HTC Board Member is very excited to have Hank back under the control of those that know the characters the best. See our Press release here.

"We have been looking to build on the progress made in getting Hank's movie on the Big Screen," said Erickson, "and we have surrounded ourselves with a very talented group of people who not only bring an extraordinary creative vision but also share our views on how these characters should be portrayed on the first Hank the Cowdog animated film."

Veteran producer Ralph Boral will be heading the creative team on the film. Boral has had a distinguished career with several major entertainment companies including NBC, News Corp., and Rainbow-Media (now known as AMC Networks). He has worked on several feature films such as The Ultimate Gift and Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius. He was also the writer and director for the Hermie video series which starred Tim Conway and featured many notable guest stars including Vicky Lawrence, John O'Hurley (Mr. Peterman in Seinfeld), and Fred Willard (Everybody Loves Raymond).

Also bringing his talents to the film is renowned TV and film composer Rob Pottorf who has worked on projects for Disney, CBS, Paramount, Lions Gate, 20th Century Fox, Nickelodeon to name just a few. Some of his most recent work includes "The Trial" (starring Matthew Modine), "Unrequited" (starring Twilight's Michael Welch), "Trinity Goodheart" (starring Eric Benet), and "Danger Rangers" (starring Mark Hamill and Jerry Houser).

About HTC Entertainment

HTC Entertainment is a production company formed by John Erickson, his son Mark Erickson (co-screenwriter of Hank the Cowdog: The Motion Picture), and John's longtime business partner, Gary Rinker, designed to develop film properties that embody the values and people found in the stories John has written about in his Hank tales and other books.

"Hank has over eight million fans," said Mark Erickson, "and they are hungry to see these characters and types of stories be produced with the respect and talent HTC will be bringing."

With over sixty books in the series, HTC has a great and beloved library to draw from. And Hank won't just be patrolling Hollywood under HTC. The company plans on introducing Hank to all new forms of digital media via animated shorts available via apps and interactive gaming.

You will also soon be able to find Hank on household items, apparel, and pet products. There will be no stopping this head of ranch security!

To read more about Hank the Cowdog, you can also go to his website at http://www.hankthecowdog.com.

John R. Erickson

John R. Erickson has written and published 85 books and more than 600 articles, and is best known as the author of the Hank the Cowdog series of books, audio-books, and stage plays.

His stories have won a number of awards, including the Audie, Oppenheimer, Wrangler, and Lamplighter Awards, and have been translated into Spanish, Danish, Farsi, and Chinese.

The Hank the Cowdog series began as a self-publishing venture in his garage in 1982 and has endured to become one of the nation's most popular series for children and families. Through the eyes of Hank the Cowdog, a smelly, smart-aleck Head of Ranch Security, Erickson gives readers a glimpse of daily life on a ranch in the West Texas Panhandle. USA Today calls the series "the best family entertainment in years."

John Richard Erickson was born in Midland, Texas. In 1946, the family moved to Perryton. Today, 30 years after its modest beginnings, Maverick Books is Hank's official publisher. Publishers Weekly calls the Hank the Cowdog series a "grassroots publishing phenomena," and, to date, the series has sold over 8 million copies.

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